Embarke Platform

The Embarke Platform


Intelligent Targeting

Optimized Delivery

Actionable Data

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Bring new levels of performance and insight to your email program with just a few clicks. Embarke integrates with leading Email Service Providers (ESPs), so it takes less than 15 minutes to start maximizing the relevancy, engagement and ROI of your marketing emails. Our algorithms and automatic optimization achieve 5-20% increases in opens and clicks without any extra day-to-day effort on your part.


Intelligent Targeting

Target your email subscribers in smart new ways, automatically


  • Start targeting and segmenting in minutes not hours
  • Target by user data you may not have: demographics like age and gender
  • Segment users by email activities: opens, clicks, inactives, and time
  • Automated smart activities: gaining and losing interest, content interests, and more

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Delivery Time Optimization

Deliver emails to each individual at the right time, dynamically


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  • Your subscribers are telling you when they want to engage with your emails by opening, and clicking
  • Deliver the right message to each individual at the time they are most likely to engage
  • Our algorithms automatically pick optimum delivery time for each individual increasing engagement over time
  • Set it and forget it. Take action on user behavior, automatically

Data Insights

Actionable insights to improve your email marketing


  • Data science algorithms perform detailed behavior analysis and data mining on your email campaigns
  • Meaningful insights on your subscribers that you can take action on directly
  • Smart activities like gaining and losing interest and most engaged subscribers enable fine tuned control
  • Eliminate guessing, let your subscribers actions tell you what content they want, dynamically

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See how easy it is to intelligently target your email subscribers and increase your email opens and clicks by 20% or more without changing your ESP or your workload
Amy Mustoe | Director of Customer Success | SendGrid

We love Embarke because they're giving our customers intelligent tools to improve their email delivery, they're super cool to work with, and are very fast to release new products!

Elevation Group
Ryan Niessen | Marketing Manger | The Elevation Group

Along with having an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, Embarke has helped us boost our CTR (Click Through Rate) by almost 19%. They've had incredible support, and been responsive to our feature requests. I highly recommend working with them.

Deal Dey
Adekunle Mumuni | Director of Digital Marketing | DealDey.com

If you are looking for a way to improve your email open and click rates seamlessly, Embarke is the right tool for you. Embarke helps you lower email costs and make more money!