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Embarke tailors delivery times for each user, resulting in 5-20% more.

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Individual Time Optimization

  • Send messages at the time and day that each INDIVIDUAL user is most likely to engage
  • Our algorithms automatically learn the optimum delivery time for each individual
  • We then deliver at the best time for each person, resulting in a 5%-20% increase in opens and clicks

Simple Integration

  • Literally, change one line of code (we mimic the interface of your Email Service Provider)
  • Send emails to us, we queue them up for delivery, and then we send them through your ESP
  • Keep your own IP and sender reputation


Bulls Eye

Intelligent Targeting and More

  • Start targeting and segmenting in minutes, not hours
  • Segment by demographics, opens, clicks, or filter out inactive users (even target those who are gaining and losing interest)
  • Reduce ESP costs, increase reputation with ISPs, and increase engagement with users


Plans start at $49/month


30-day money back guarantee–no credit card required

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Amy Mustoe | Director of Customer Success | SendGrid

We love Embarke because they're giving our customers intelligent tools to improve their email delivery, they're super cool to work with, and are very fast to release new products!

Elevation Group
Ryan Niessen | Marketing Manger | The Elevation Group

Along with having an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, Embarke has helped us boost our CTR (Click Through Rate) by almost 19%. They've had incredible support, and been responsive to our feature requests. I highly recommend working with them.

Deal Dey
Adekunle Mumuni | Director of Digital Marketing |

If you are looking for a way to improve your email open and click rates seamlessly, Embarke is the right tool for you. Embarke helps you lower email costs and make more money!