Embarke Timeline / History

Date Milestone Details
7/22/2013 Embarke Launches Conversion Tracking Don’t just increase opens and clicks, see how many have actually converted!
7/3/2013 Embarke Launches SMTP Email Optimization We can optimize both newsletter and one-at-a-time emails to users!
6/28/2013 Embarke Selected 2nd Year in a Row as SDVG “Cool Company” Incredibly honored to be selected for a 2nd year in a row!
3/15/2013 Steve Macbeth joins Embarke as an Advisor! Big data and machine learning are his 2nd and 3rd languages. He made Bing search results relevant!
2/24/2013 Embarke Profiles 1-Million Users! 7 days later, they were at 1.5M! (we’re well past this now, by the way)
1/17/2013 Bryan and Al Graduate TechStars Azure! Demo Day in Seattle is a huge success!
12/10/2012 Embarke Builds Integration with SendGrid It takes a SendGrid customer 15 minutes to turn on Embarke’s services. A partnership is born…
11/26/2012 Embarke Announces New Business Model! The journey to increase email engagement by improving the consumer experience begins!
10/15/2012 Realization that Business Model Needs to Change We have customers, a partnership, and a “good” business. The quest begins for a *great* business.
10/1/2012 Microsoft+TechStars Adventure Begins! Day one of the Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars…time to hammer down!
9/18/2012 Website Update New messaging to reflect products and direction around two-way conversations and multiple channel communications.
8/28/2012 Embarke Accepted into Microsoft + TechStars! Acceptance into the Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars is official! We’re blown away!
8/26/2012 Embarke Launches Partnership with Realtidbits Realtidbits builds beautiful commenting systems, and Embarke is subscription and engagement issues for them by delivering and receiving messages via email.
8/11/2012 Mentoring at Startup Weekend for Vets Bryan and Al were asked back to mentor at another Startup Weekend, this one sponsored by Google and focused on Veterans. Such an honor for us!
8/10/2012 Lean Customer Devevelopment Bootcamp Startup Weekend asked Bryan and Al back to champion another pre-weekend bootcamp on Customer Development.
8/1/2012 John Gorton joins the Embarke Team Johns a 25+ year developer, entrepreneur his entire career, has been in multiple startups, and is a SCUBA and Sailing fanatic. We’re ecstatic to have him!
7/30/2012 Dave Churchville joins the Embarke Team Dave is so much more than just a developer, and we couldn’t be happer to have him diving in with us. He thinks in code, is a customer development guru, has founded multiple companies, and is a blues harmonica player.
7/19/2012 Eric Otterson joins as Advisor Extremely happy to have the Sr. VP of Business Developent at Cooley on-board as our second Advisor. Eric’s been a great supporter, friend, and mentor, and we’re thrilled to have made it official.
6/23/2012 Private API Beta Released to Developers After a few months of brainstorming, architecture, planning, and coding, the Embarke API is released to a focused group of developers excited to start using the product.
6/17/2012 Al invited to Judge Startup Weekend Al is honored with the request to be one of 4 judges for the final presentations at the San Diego Startup Weekend. 14 companies presented their work over the past 54 hours, and 3 were awarded prizes.
6/15/2012 Bryan and Al asked to Mentor at Startup Weekend Al and Bryan are honored to be asked to mentor participants of the San Diego Startup Weekend where 80 people and 14 companies spent 54 hours building real products to be presented for competition.
6/10/2012 Bryan Coaches Startup Weekend Participants on Lean Startup Customer Development This was the weekend before Startup Weekend, a bootcamp where attendees of next weekends event could learn about Lean Startup principles and Customer Development methodologies. Bryan ran them through a 5-hour program.
5/21/2012 Embarke is a SDVG 2012 “Cool Company” Embarke is honored by San Diego Venture Group to be one of their 30 “Cool Companies” for 2012. We were selected from hundreds of applicants and were showcased at their annual Venture Summit event with 600+ attendees.
5/11/2012 Senior Developer Added to Team Embarke While we’ve had other developers help us in various ways, this was the day our first Sr. Developer started working with us.
5/10/2012 Bryan Proctors at Microsoft Cloud DevCamp This is an event focused on Windows Azure. Microsoft considers Bryan an expert enough on the technology to speak and mentor the attendees.
4/20/2012 Bryan and Al asked to Mentor at Lean Startup Machine Lean Startup Machine is an intensive 3-day workshop on Lean Startup principles. Bryan and Al were honored to be asked to mentor the first San Diego session.
4/14/2012 Microsoft asks for a BizSpark Video When Microsoft asked us to produce a video talking about our experience with BizSpark, we jumped at the opportunity. We’re huge fans, by the way!
3/23/2012 Embarke Sponsors March Mingle One of the more popular yearly events in San Diego, March Mingle brought Embarke to the attention of hundreds of developers and companies.
3/7/2012 Embarke in Demo Pit at Launch Festival The Launch Festival brought 140 companies and 40 presenters to San Francisco, and Embarke was right in the middle of it all.
3/6/2012 Embarke Accepted to BizSpark PLUS Program The Microsoft BizSpark PLUS program awards Embarke with $60k in free Azure services over the next two years. We are honored to have been invited into this program!
3/2/2012 New Website Launched Focused on API Product In preparation for the Launch Festival, and in conjunction with the new direction, Embarke releases it’s brand new website.
2/15/2012 Embarke Makes Strategic Decision to Focus on API After a couple months of customer interviews, feedback, and data analysis, it’s abundantly clear to Bryan and Al that Embarke’s future focus needs to be on the API product.
2/10/2012 Chris Corriveau Joins as Advisor We’re ecstatic to have the CTO of StockTwits as our first Advisor. Chris has been a supporter of ours since June of 2011, and it was high-time we made him an official member of the team.
11/15/2011 Embarke Tied for 3rd in Demo Table Competition at Founder Showcase We found out shortly after the event that the crowd voted us a respectable 3rd place (out of 31) from the Demo Tables.
11/7/2011 Second Beta Product Launched Embarke revealed this product at the Founder Showcase to 500+ addendees. It allows Twitter users to reply and interact with Tweets without leaving Facebook Messages or their Inbox. This product is now called Remote Reply and is being open-sourced to the public.
11/8/2011 Embarke Presents at Booth at the Founder Showcase Embarke secures a demo booth at the quarterly Founder Showcase event in San Francisco to showcase their new consumer product.
8/19/2011 Shift in Focus Towards Personal Conversations Based on customer feedback and market analysis, a shift in strategy was made to focus on person-to-person communications and conversations (regardless of network/channel).
7/31/2011 First Beta Product Launched The first product automatically took a Facebook users’ wall posts and dynamically inserted them into appropriate Facebook Groups.
6/30/2011 Bryan and Al Graduate The Founder Institute 27 people started The Founder Institute 4 months earlier, 6 graduated the grueling program. Bryan and Al were 2 of those 6.
5/3/2011 Embarke is Incorporated Embarke is legally incorporated as a Delaware C-Corp.
4/23/2011 Al Joins Bryan at Embarke Falling out of love with his travel business, Al looked for other opportunities to persue. Bryan approached Al and within 4 days had agreed and signed on all terms.
3/16/2011 Al and Bryan Meet at The Founder Institute Bryan and Al were both accepted into the Founder Institute early-stage incubator in San Diego. They were assigned to the same group within the program and hit it off right away.