Embarke Email Health Monitoring provides peace of mind for email senders


StockTwits’ email program relies heavily on notification emails and transactional emails. The type of content in their emails and their email volume had remained steady for several months, resulting in stable performance metrics. The team turned its attention to more pressing marketing projects since their email program was so stable.

However, several users contacted the company directly to report that their StockTwits emails—including password reset emails—had been showing up in their spam folders. After some investigation, the StockTwits team discovered that their email open rates had dropped sharply [by 35 %] about 18 days earlier, and the decline was entirely due to deliverability to Gmail addresses

StockTwits contacted their ESP, SendGrid, to help them investigate further and resolve this issue. SendGrid discovered that StockTwits had made some change that had inadvertently changed their Sender Policy Framework (SPF) settings. StockTwits resolved their technical SPF issue. SendGrid also had to contact Google on behalf of StockTwits in order to correct the poor sending reputation that StockTwits had built over those 18 days, and Google started delivering StockTwits emails to users’ inboxes.


With Embarke’s Email Health Monitoring, StockTwits could have avoided this headache. The StockTwits team would have been alerted within 24 hours that their emails were not being delivered to all users’ inboxes. The alert would have occurred right after they made their settings change, so identifying the problem would be easier. In that case, they could quickly change their SPF settings to come into compliance.

The long and frustrating process of contacting an email service provider to get back in their good graces may even have been unnecessary, since StockTwits’ sender reputation would not have been affected as much.

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