optimizes their email delivery times and increases engagement with customers by 10%


Frank Rumbauskas, owner of, had been running his sales training business for 11 years and building his email list over that time. As he acquires new subscribers to his email list, he wants to get the most value out of his list and provide value to his customers. His goal was to engage his customers when they are most likely to receive his message and act on it.


Embarke’s Delivery Time Optimization delivers messages to each individual at the time they are most likely to engage. This helps engage with customers at the best time for the customer. Once Frank sends a drip campaign email to a customer through his email service provider (ESP), Embarke queues the email to be delivered at the optimum time for that customer. Embarke’s algorithms automatically pick the optimum delivery time for each individual, which increases engagement over time.


Frank’s goal was to increase his open rates. Embarke did that for him, and much more. “I’m definitely seeing MUCH higher open and conversion rates from the drip sequence,” Frank said after two weeks of sending with Embarke. Unique click rates also increased by 10.2 percent over a two week period, with some days showing a 19 percent increase!

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Frank Rumbauskas, CEO

“I’m definitely seeing MUCH higher open and conversion rates from the drip sequence” is a sales training system developed by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. to teach salespeople how to generate qualified leads without making any cold calls. Frank’s training system consists of the Never Cold Call Again system book and manual, hands-on exercises, an audio program, feedback, and access to private member discussion forums. Frank has been training salespeople using his system for 11 years and has helped more than 80,000 customers.