doubles their unique click rate using Embarke’s targeting tools, with 40% lower email costs


DealDey’s Digital Design Lead, Adekunle Mumuni, had a rapidly growing list of opt-in subscribers wanting to receive emails on the company’s daily deals. However, several issues were negatively impacting DealDey’s email deliverability— including an inability to easily target subscribers, and Nigeria’s reputation for sending spam email. These issues caused a firestorm of email issues including:

  • Problems with email deliverability,
  • Too many spam blocks, and
  • Lower than desired open and click rates affecting their conversion rates.


DealDey used Embarke’s Intelligent Targeting to filter out email subscribers who hadn’t opened or clicked in the last 90 days. This allowed DealDey to automatically target only engaged subscribers with their daily deals emails. By only targeting active subscribers, DealDey shrunk their daily email list by a whopping 60 percent. At first, this course appeared radical, but the results were persuasive.


Using Embarke’s Intelligent Targeting, DealDey dynamically targets active subscribers in one click. The results:

  • An open rate that is 2.4 times higher, and a click rate that is 2.0 times higher.
  • At the same time, costs to send email went down by 40 percent.
  • Spam reports decreased by 77 percent.

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Kunle Portrait

Adekunle Mumuni
Digital Design Lead at, launched in March 2011, is the leading daily deal group buying website in Nigeria that offers consumers up to 90% discount on the most amazing things to buy, do, eat, or see in Nigeria across various cities.

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