Embarke Accepted into Microsoft Accelerator for Azure / TechStars!

by on October 1, 2012 in Company News
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Microsoft Accelerator for Azure powered by TechStarsWe’re in a little bit of shock right now, even though we’ve known for a few weeks that we were accepted into the Microsoft Accelerator for Azure powered by TechStars!  Bryan and I have always said that getting into TechStars was a stretch goal of ours…to see it finally happening, and in conjunction with Microsoft’s new accelerator, is amazing!  It’s starting to sink in now that we’ve been meeting the other teams and going through orientation all day today.

We’ve been through The Founder Institute…and we received an amazing amount of value from that program (still do today).  It jump-started our business, our network, and our product development.  We are here today because of where we started back then, only 18 months ago.

We expect TechStars and Microsoft to provide the same type of value, at a different level and stage for our company.  We’ve got customers.  We’ve got product.  We’ve got a team.  We’re building like crazy.  We’re very close to being ready to raise money.  This program will help us take that next step in our company’s lifecycle.  They will help us validate, execute, and pitch to investors.  We will be surrounded by amazing mentors, who will help us accelerate our business.

We’ve been here before, and we know the value this type of program can bring…  I can’t wait to see where we’ll be another 18 months from now!

Aside from all of this, we’re the first San Diego company to make it into the program (and maybe even TechStars).  This is further validation that the San Diego startup scene has a growing ecosystem filled with incredibly talented entrepreneurs!  Our San Diego friends, mentors, and colleagues have been amazing to us and we can’t wait to bring some Microsoft and TechStars acceleration juice back home.

See you in January!

UPDATE 2012.10.11Embarke featured on Xconomy!

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Downtown Seattle Panoramic

Downtown Seattle Panoramic from our Apartment Roof

Team Embarke at Microsoft + TechStars

Team Embarke at Microsoft + TechStars


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