Email Best Practices. Rocket Ship or Wrecking Ball?

by on March 26, 2014 in Best Practices | Email Marketing | Optimization | Targeting
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email best practicesYou love them, and you dread them.

You know you should be implementing best practices in your email campaigns to elevate your email marketing programs and align them with your business objectives.

Done well, email best practices absolutely rock.

So, why do those words too often hit the pit of your stomach with a sense of dread?

For many marketing managers it is because you know how much work it is to execute email best practices. It’s hard to find enough time and resources to do them right. Adhering to best practices in email marketing is a lot of work. And building them into your habits is even harder. (Worth it, but still a lot of work.)

And let’s face it: successful marketing managers are already over-clocked.


What are the most essential email marketing best practices that you should be doing?

Assuming you have a clean, opt-in subscriber list and CAN-SPAM compliant emails, Email Service Provider SendGrid shows the email marketing best practices you should be doing are:

  • Segmenting and targeting your subscriber lists by activity and behavior
  • Managing email frequency and send less often to less engaged users

Often it is very difficult to get clear access to solid data on how and when each individual subscriber has engaged with your emails in the past. Better ESP’s provide event data that you can mine to get open and click data if you have the right tools and enough time and staff.

Generating a smartly targeted and segmented list of users based on behavior is very painful and time-consuming.  It’s a grind even when you have access to the right data and tools, and nearly impossible when you don’t.

Email best practices like these need to be part of the email marketing habit. However just getting all the emails out the door is hard enough without adding new layers of complexity and work.


What do email marketers need to succeed?

An intelligent tool to take over the heavy lifting of implementing some of these email chores like automated segmenting and delivery. A tool that intelligently automates the process of segmenting your lists so you can dynamically target your active & inactive subscribers separately. Even better if it could deliver emails to each individual customer at the precise time they are proven to open so you don’t have to stress over scheduling times.


We Built That Tool

We built a highly intelligent email marketing tool that empowers successful marketers to automate some of the highest impact best practices without changing your email service provider or your workload.

Best practices and innovation have always played tug of war in our minds and habits. It’s hard to drive creativity and innovation when you are struggling to grind out best practices without the right tools and resources.

Imagine the kind of liftoff you could achieve if instead of grinding out segmenting and time-to-send data, you could spend your time and energy on crafting the right message for the right customers.


Rocket Science for The Rest of Us

Add intelligent targeting based on behavior and demographics combined with smart delivery time optimization to your email marketing with a few clicks. No more begging the IT department and waiting for them to get around to it.

Embarke’s algorithms and data science can make email marketers look like email rocket scientists and deliver impressive lift without getting a PhD in data science.

The control is in your hands: in less than 15 minutes you can segment your subscribers and target them with the right message. Embarke is devoted to making email marketing better for you and your customers.

email best practices rocket shipIf you want to see how stunningly simple it is to bring the power of intelligent targeting to your email marketing and achieve remarkable results, and look good doing it Request a demo today. 



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