Accelerator, Demo Day, and 3 Crazy Months

by on January 4, 2013 in Company News | Events
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This is Acceleration

This is Acceleration

As you know, we’ve been in Seattle for the past 3 months at the Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars.  At times it’s felt like an eternity, and others it feels like we just started.  Suddenly, it’s 2013 and we’re about to pitch on stage to hundreds of investors in 13 days!

Twice.            (more on that later)

Bryan and I have gone from extreme highs to extreme lows to everything in between during the program.  Actually, many times we’ve repeated that cycle within a single day!  I’d like to someday write a post that discusses the inner workings, the mental challenges, the difficulties leaving family 1,236 miles away, and everything that goes along with an accelerator program like this.  This post, however, is more focused on what we’ve become as a company…and why.

We came to the program smiling, and after a few grueling months, we’ll be leaving smiling!
…and much better off because of the accelerator.


What is Embarke?

Embarke Benefit SummaryThe beauty of an accelerator powered by TechStars is that you may come in with an idea…and it might even be a good one…but that doesn’t mean that’s the business you’re going to leave with.

We’ve managed to cram about 6-9 months of normal effort into a 3 month period…and a lot has happened.  Here’s the “Cliff’s Notes”:

Embarke increases engagement and revenue for marketers by automatically improving how they message with their customers.  We move the needle using data, science, intelligence, and hyper-personalization.

See, the big dogs like Facebook, Bing, Google, and Amazon have built ridiculously detailed profiles about every one of us.  They do this because this data helps them increase engagement, and revenue.  They obviously know what they’re doing.

Turns out, 40% of marketers don’t have the human resources, know-how, or time to manage their own customer data.  50% of Marketers say this is their biggest problem.

Embarke solves this problem for marketers, and brings them capabilities that rival the likes of the big dogs.  Here’s a good page that visually describes what we’re doing.


What’s up?

  • You may have noticed our website has been updated.
  • Companies of all sizes are very excited about our hyper-personalized analytics, and our delivery optimization.  Some of them are pushing over 100 million emails per month!
  • We’ve performed load testing on our raw data intake and can handle about billion transactions per month! (opens, clicks, deliveries, etc)
  • Our Hyper-Personalized Analytics are FREE.  This includes insights into everything Marketers can do to improve engagement.
  • Our Optimized Delivery based on the analytics is what we charge for.  This includes the ability to take action on the analytics and drive revenue.
  • We’re focused on continuing to build product, signing up new customers, and preparing for demo day!


Demo Day(s)!   (yes, there are now two)

Our Seattle Demo Day is on Thursday, January 17th.  We’re also lucky enough that the program is setting up a Silicon Valley Demo Day on January 31st!  If you or someone you know would like to attend either, please hit me up!

We’re very excited about what Embarke is becoming.  We have a great vision for the company, and are excited to hit the gas pedal and start making customers happy.  Thanks for following us on our journey!


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