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Meet the Embarke team!

Meet the Embarke team!

Al Bsharah
Al Bsharah | CEO / Co-Founder

Meet Al. He started coding at age 10 on an Apple ][+ and has a EE degree, but his career took him down a business path. He's business-minded, yet technically-inclined. He loves to play 2-man beach volleyball. He has a dog and wife that keep him sane.

Bryan Hall
Bryan Hall | CTO / Co-Founder

Meet Bryan. He started coding at age 10 on a TRS-80 Model III. He has a Cognitive Science degree with an artificial intelligence and behavior focus. He enjoys trailrunning (sometimes barefoot), and once held his breath for 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

Dave Churchville
Dave Churchville | VP of Product / Co-Founder

Meet Dave. He started coding at age 11 on a Timex-Sinclair 1000. He's a computer Science major who loves customer development and product design. He's a Blues harmonica player and singer with "The Thumbs"

Johnathan Goodwin
Johnathan Goodwin | Code Monster

Meet Johnathan. He has a Computer Engineering Degree. He's a lover of life-hacks, filling his brain, and an avid fitness enthusiast who's a proud member of the 1000-Pound-Club

Shawn Bridgeman
Shawn Bridgeman | Director of Talent and Operations

Meet Shawn. She has a Sociology degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Boston University. After visiting Japan at age 10, she started selling bespoke origami and Japanese candy to classmates to earn travel money. She plans vacations around hiking trails like the Na Pali Coast and Mount Fuji.

Justin Barnes
Justin Barnes | Sr. Developer

Meet Justin. He’s a startup enthusiast, full stack hacker, and surf junky. He built a blackjack game on his TI-81 calculator instead of doing his homework in high school. After scoring an internship before graduation, Justin’s love for programming and startups in general still burns strong.

Colin Jemmott
Colin Jemmott | Data Scientist

Meet Colin. His idea of a good time is using math to help people make better decisions. When he's not coding, Colin is a community organizer with impossibly large goals and the support network to match.

Chris Corriveau
Chris Corriveau | Advisor, CTO at StockTwits

Meet Chris. He's responsible for the amazing tech behind StockTwits. He’s also an investor, tech + startup junkie, and a dog and food lover.

Eric Otterson
Eric Otterson | Advisor, SVP Business Development at Cooley

Meet Eric. He's a veteran entrepreneur of 3 VC-backed companies. He's also an investor, startup and San Diego champion. He's a skier, hiker, tune-mixer, and lover of French cuisine. Don't let the tie fool you.

Steve Macbeth
Steve Macbeth | Advisor, Microsoft Partner Engineering Manager

Meet Steve. He’s a certifiable data junkie responsible for algorithms that provide relevant search results on He’s also an investor, startup lover, and a big data + machine learning guru.